Atomic Intelligence

Atomic Intelligence is a data company.

We are believers in power of data, and we see Data Science as important part that will allow us to bring more efficiency and optimization in our world. We develop data driven products and advanced business solutions based on data science methods and we see the future as predominantly working with data and reacting based on data. It is a company that, thanks to the extensive and long experience of its employees, combines traditional (DWH, BI) and modern solutions in the data world (Big Data, Data Lake, AI). The focus of our work is helping our clients to monetize, or better use (their own) data to make better business decisions. With all this, we invest a lot in the education of our employees and associates, because only through knowledge we can all move forward together and make a positive impact on society.

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Project members

Tomislav Križan

Mr. Tomislav Križan CEO & AI Evangelist at Atomic Intelligence Tomislav plays with data for a long time in every possible and impossible way. First Big Data project was on account-tickets in a bookkeeping service (low tech approach). Where the most see just numbers and letters, he finds a purpose and information. For a while now he is playing on a field of AI/DL/ML models for business purposes, with the last couple of years having a spotlight on text analytics, NLP (unstructured datasets) and applying ML models where they were not used before