TED University

was founded by the Turkish Education Association (TED), which has been pioneering the development of education in Turkey as one of the leading NGO since 1928, with its more than thirty colleges in all over Turkey.

It has been officially accredited and recognized by Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) according to the law numbered 5913 on July 7, 2009. Internationalization has been one of the priorities for TEDU since its establishment in 2009.

It is regarded as the most important component of its quality assurance. In this context, since 2013 TEDU has participated in the Erasmus+ Higher Education Programme run by the European Commission and it has currently 103 bilateral agreements with universities all around Europe, which provides short /long term exchange possibilities for not only students but also academic and administrative staff. TED University defines itself as a city university.

It is located in the center of the city and it maintains an open collaborative relation with its neighbourhood, city of Ankara in general and different actors in the city (industry, government, local administrations, NGO’s, citizens etc.) University encourages its academic staff to develop problem driven research agenda as well as pure academic research.

Being one of the very few liberal arts universities in Turkey, TEDU also desires to create a collaborative, skill and competency based, problem driven learning environment and encourages its students to be active citizens having their voice in city life, derive innovative solutions for social problems. University has research and project portfolio in urban design and history, social segregation and mobility, special needs education including the gifted, innovation and use of technology in education, project management, social entrepreneurship and sustainability, psychology research, immigration, gender, employment, machine learning, data science, high performance computing, artificial intelligence and robotics.

More about TED University is available at https://www.tedu.edu.tr/

Project members

Zafer Yilmaz

Dr. Zafer Yilmaz received his PhD degree from Turkish Military Academy Defense Sciences Institute, Department of Supply and Logistics Management. He worked at Turkish Land Forces as a Project Director and Instructor. Before joining to TED University, he was a post-doctoral researcher at McGill University for 1.5 year. His interests include Operations Management, Management Science, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Network Analysis, Modelling and Simulation. His current researches focuses on Comparison of Transport Modes in Terms of Energy Consumption and he published book chapters in the books: “Intelligent Transportation and Planning”, “Engineering Tools and Solutions for Sustainable Transportation Planning”, “Using Decision Support Systems for Transportation Planning Efficiency”. He also has researches about Hazardous Materials Transportation and Disaster Logistics.

İbrahim Ünalmış

Dr. İbrahim Ünalmış have taken his PhD degree from University of York, UK. His research interests are macroeconomic and finance and connection between these disciplines. He is interested in how existence of financial markets, especially speculative behavior in financial markets, affects macroeconomic outcomes. I am also interested in macroeconomic policies that can contribute to efforts to tackle global worming problem. I believe that policies aiming to reduce carbon emission requires microeconomics as well as macroeconomic solutions. Besides, financial sector has a responsibility to support these efforts through green financing. However, there is no need to say that green financing has to cope with significant challenges at the moment. Solution for such problems are within the scope of my research agenda.

Sibel Akin

Dr. Sibel Akin graduated from the Department of Elementary Education at Hacettepe University in 2009, and was honored with Hacettepe University Student Achievement Award and Hacettepe University Ihsan Doğramacı High Achievement Award. She pursued her integrated Ph.D. degree (Master’s & Ph.D.) in Curriculum and Instruction Program at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2017. She worked as a research assistant at METU between 2009-2017, worked as a visiting scholar at Teachers College, Columbia University between 2014-2015, and has been working at TED University as an assistant professor since 2017. Her research interests center on curriculum development and evaluation, teacher education.

Pelin İrgin

Pelin Irgin is an assistant professor of English Language Education at TED University. She received her PhD degree in English Language Teaching at Hacettepe University, Turkey and completed her doctorate thesis research at University of Reading, UK. Her research interests are language learning and cognition, EFL listening comprehension and Language learner strategies, listening strategies intervention to young learners, and awareness-raising activity design for listening strategies in EFL context. She teaches undergraduate courses in linguistics, language acquisition in L1/L2 and academic writing. She has published in various refereed journals and presented papers at conferences. She is currently serving on the editorial boards of international publications.

Seda Damla Yucel

Seda Damla Yucel is an expert at Directorate of Research, Technology and Innovation at TED University. She received her MSc degree in Intellectual Property, Technology Policy and Innovation Management at Ankara University. Her experts areas are development and management Projects for National and International Funding Programs, Technology Evaluation and Valuation, supporting and Mentoring for Entrepreneurs, Faculty Members and Students about Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Funding, development University-Industry Collaboration. She had various experience at international areas such as internship at National Institutes of Health (NIH) OTT in the scope of the International Mentoring Program and also Visiting Scholar at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. She also hold a Patent Attorney license.

Öykü Yücel

Öykü Yücel graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Business Administration with a BS degree in Management. Upon completing her thesis on application of Capital Asset Pricing Model and Fama-French 3-Factor Model, she received her MS degree from Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, Business Administration Department. She continues her PhD studies at Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, Business Administration Department. She is working in TED University as a Research and Teaching Assistant mainly in accounting and finance courses. Her research interests are capital asset pricing, electricity market pricing and renewable energy sources.

Gizem Çelik

Gizem Çelik was born in 1994. She completed her high school education in Muğla Anatolian High School in 2012. In the same year, she started her bachelor degree at the department of Business Administration at Middle East Technical University and she graduated from there in 2018. She continues to her master degree at İstanbul Technical University.