Today’s graduate/undergraduate students will face with job opportunities which require multidisciplinary knowledge related to green public transportation in future smart cities. This requires a multidisciplinary knowledge about green public transportation that we aim to teach during our project.


We are planning to increase awareness and capacity building of the stakeholders (such as people from vehicle production companies, data analysts, engineers, people from municipalities who will be the end users and policy makers of green public transportation systems) about the general perspective of green public transportation systems in order to prepare them for the future smart cities.


Each module has the potential to be a single course for the related major and minor programs at the universities. Our modules as a whole can be a secondary field program for the universities which includes public transportation related subjects for future smart cities.

Teaching assistants

in the project will have the opportunity to focus on green public transportation in smart cities which is a new and very popular area of study.


who prepare the project are expected to attend conferences and publish articles about their modules to increase their visibility.

Participant academicians

will improve their knowledge about the project subject and have the opportunity to communicate with other related professors during teaching program and new joint projects may be initiated.


There are many new job opportunities for the entrepreneurs related with future green public transportation systems. We will inform the people who are willing to be entrepreneurs in near future.