Project Brief

Energy Usage and Green Public Transportation in Future Smart Cities: An Innovative Teaching Program for Students, Stakeholders and Entrepreneurs

Green public transportation is a multidisciplinary subject which focuses designing the unimodal or intermodal public transportation system in the cities, energy usage in these systems, information systems to gather information related to possible passengers. Green public transportation is a common subject for all countries and this will be the most interested technological area not only for developed countries but also developing countries. All cities will transform their traditional transportation systems to cutting-edge high technology transportation systems.

So, in order to teach the future green public transportation systems in the future smart cities, we prepare one-week teaching program made up of 7 teaching modules and one supporting module

• Smart mobility and other “smart” parts assuring green future
• Energy Related Smart Grids
• Green Vehicles and Green Public Transportation Network Design
• Intermodal Green Public Transport Planning
• Information Systems and Technologies for Green Public transportation
• Economics of Green Public Transportation Systems
• Entrepreneurship Opportunities Considering Smart City Public Transportation

The supporting module is “Innovative Curriculum Development for Smart City Public Transportation” which help us to develop an innovative curriculum for our program and use innovative teaching and evaluating methodologies in our 7 modules. We prepare one-day course syllabuses for first five modules and half-day course syllabuses for the last two modules which include the learning outcomes, innovative teaching and evaluation methodologies, outline and other related information. As a teaching methodology we use

• Presentations, short videos for theoretical information about the module subject,
• Case Studies,
• Simple Simulation Games,
• In-class activities,
• Pre-after questionnaires